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EU3 Polish Chronicle

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I've now played Poland in Europa Universalis III from 1453 to 1505, and I've made a small saga over the glorious rule of my monarchs.

Kazimierz IV Jagiellon(rule: 1444-1458):
King of Poland, duke of Polish Prussia. Noted for his friendship and alliance with the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, a trait inherited by all his descendants. Started the first of a series of wars against the Teutonic Order.

Aleksander Jagiellon (rule:1458-1461) "the pious"
King of Poland, duke of Polish Prussia. Son of Kazimierz IV. Noted for his fierce devotion to the Catholic Church and christianity. Tragically starved as he took the fast a bit too far. Aleksander kept up his father's crusade against the corrupt order witht he blessing of the Holy Father.

Stanislaw Jagiellon (rule 1461-1463) "the sick"
King of Poland, duke of Polish Prussia. The brother of Aleksander. A weak and sickly man, lacking the strength to uphold his duties as supreme commander of the royal army and navy. Ironically Stanislaw was the man who first realised the need for a Royal Polish Navy. Apparently died of illness though it has been speculated that he in fact was poisoned by his nephew, angry at being after Stanislaw in the line of succession.

Stefan Jagiellon (rule 1461-1485) "the conqueror"
King of Poland, Holy Roman Emperor, Duke of Mazovia and Polish Prussia, protector of the Estonian Isles, Lord of Riga, The to Whom the Order bends knee, Conqueror of Moldovia. Son of Aleksander, he married an Hungarian princess, the heir to the Hungarian throne, which their son would later inherit. Noted for his skill as a military commander, and for his skills at diplomacy and negaotiation. Stefan finally subdued the Teutonic Order, and segmented Polish dominance in the eastern Baltic. He waged war against the barbarians of the Crimea together with Lithuania. Stefan laid the military foundation for Poland-Hungary.

Zygmunt I Jagiellon (rule: 1485-1494) "the Hungarian"
King of Poland and Hungary, Duke of Mazovia, Lausitz and Polish Prussia, protector of the Estonian Isles, Lord of Riga, The to Whom the Order bends knee, Margrave of the Neumark, Chief of the northern Crimea. The son of Stefan, he excelled in diplomacy and politics even more than his father, but did not inherit his military talent. Zygmunt, raised in Buda united Poland and Hungary politically and culturally, and ruled from Krakow and Buda in equal measure. With the strength of Hungary behind him Zygmunt obtained the margraviate of Neumark and the duchy of Lausitz from the partitioning of Bohemia, he also crusaded with Lithuanina against the Crimeans, and took from them large territories.

Zygmunt II Jagiellon (rule 1494 -->) "the great"
King of Poland-Hungary, Archduke of Prussia, Holy Roman Emperor, Duke of Mazovia, Lausitz and Croatia, Lord of Riga, Protector of the Estonian Isles, Margrave of the Neumark, Chief of the northern Crimea, Liberator of Moldovia, Halter of the Turkish Tide. The son of Zygmunt I, he possessed a score of favourable traits inherited form his ancestors. Zygmunt II maintained the Jagiellon friendship with Lithuania, was a good christian, was a brilliant tactician, and a diplomatic force to be reckoned with. In the war of the Neumark, Zygmunt II negotiated his way out of a bloody war with the Habsburg. Zygmunt II granted independence to the Moldavians his grandfather conquered, and was elected Duke of Croatia for his wisdom and charm. He also showed remakable tolerance for the culture of Estonians, Mongols, Slovaks and other minorities within Poland-Hungary. Zygmunt II absorbed the final remnants of the Teutonic Order into Poland-Hungary and created the Archduchy of United Prussia. In the Polish-Crimean War Zygmunt II's ploys and tacticery prevented the hordes of the Ottoman Empire from overrunning Hungary, and it is written that the King himself slew the Ottoman Sultan Mehmet VI with an accurate arrow guided by the heavens. Upon the death of the Austrian Archduke, Zygmunt II was elected Holy Roman Emperor.
Europa Universalis III

Europa Universalis III (PC)

Genre/Style: Strategy/Empire-Building
Release Date: 23/JAN/07
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