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EU3 Polish Chronicle part II

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Zygmunt II Jagiellon passed away in 1507, brutally assassinated by a Mecklenburgian agent. This was propably related to the war Zygmunt II started to curb Mecklenburgian influence in the northern parts of the Holy Roman Empire.

Henryk Jagiellon(rule: 1507-1511) "the young"
King of Poland-Hungary, Archduke of United Prussia, Holy Roman Emperor, Duke of Mazovia and Lausitz, Lord of Riga and the Northern Crimea, Margrave of Neumark and Pommern, Protector of the Estonian Isles, Halter of the Turkish Tide. Henryk rose to the tilte of king and emperor whilst still a child. Because of this the throne of United Croatia slipped from the hands of the Jagiellon dynasty. Henryk dealt a heavy blow to the expansive duchy of Mecklenburg, and absorbed the Margraviate of Pommern into the Jagiellon lands. Henryk established a war academy in honor of his father, and successfully waged war against the Crimeans. However Henryk's young mind failed to anticipate the Crimean retaliation as they shortly after brought their Ottoman allies with them to besiege Moldova, which laid under the protection of Poland-Hungary. Once again the brave soldiers of Poland-Hungary halted the hordes of the Ottoman Empire, but the war claimed the life of the young monarch.

With no apparent heir, and with the Burgundians and the Castilliani waging war over the Polish-Hungarian crown, the futures of both the realm and the dynasty lies uncertain...
Europa Universalis III

Europa Universalis III (PC)

Genre/Style: Strategy/Empire-Building
Release Date: 23/JAN/07
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